The Little Prince celebrates his 71st birthday, at the AMV Zorlu Center in Istanbul!

The event began on 10 May and will end on May 31 . Families are already rushing to attend various workshops.Parents can enjoy the exhibition of a large collection of The Little Prince copies, including rare languages ​​. 120 books from Asia , Africa, Europe and South America , including  mini- books and special editions will be displayed . Visitors also have the opportunity to see the first Turkish copy, and learn more about its translation. All these gems come from the collection of Yildiray Lise, a private collector who wants to own the book in all its variations, and have the wish to open a museum of the Little Prince in Ankara.
For his 70th anniversary, the Little Prince had already visited Turkey ! He settled in the capital for a few days of exhibitions and conferences. But this year, in Istanbul, children are the center of attention. After listening to a reading of The Little Prince, they can color their heroes, or draw their favorite part of the book. Then they take to pose next to their hero. Each participant receives a postcard and a pin of the event .
Do not hesitate and go see the Little Prince during his visit to Istanbul !


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Thank you to Yildiray Lise and A&G Event Company !