Actors who are fans of the Little Prince

Now that we’ve told you about the actors lending their voices to the Little Prince series, it’s time to tell you about the actors that are fans of the Little Prince. Let’s start with the triumphant star of Black Swan and the face of Dior: Natalie Portman. In an interview with La Parisienne, the actress was asked to find a likeness for Miss Dior Chérie, the fragrance she represents. If Miss Dior Chérie were a book, it would be… The Little Prince!

In an interview with l’Express Style, Nicolas Duvauchelle admitted to being an avid reader and history fan. When he’s not immersed in the biography of Du Guesclin, the actor reads a lot to his young daughter – and right now, that means The Little Prince.

In Madame Figaro, Christophe Lambert presented his novel and confided, in response to the interviewer’s question, that he dreamed of having authored The Little Prince.