Figure skating with the Little Prince !

The masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has been chosen as olympic program by the French team, to the Sotchi Games in February 2014.

« It had to be something poetic, like our circus projects, the Four Seasons and Chaplin, which were great success » explains Fabian Bourzat, part of the French team.
 Besides the couple wanted to express its usual theme : relationships between men and women. So they choose to be the Little Prince and his Rose ! Their coach, Julien Cottereau, helped them in this work. First, they had to improve their musical culture. « We searched ideas on our own, and we met on week-ends to compare them. We tried, we gave up…« 

Then, Julien Cottereau made them write a 10 pages storyboard, to define the behaviours between the Little Prince and the Rose. Everything is written, even the glances they cast at each other, to develop the story, the expressions. « The Little Prince is not a mere children story. We feel this tale reflects our feelings : we are the oldest of the circuit. Even if we play childish, funny or poetic moves, we never forget the relationship between the Little Prince and the Rose. 

The olympic couple has understood : what is essential is invisible to the eye !