A Little Prince victim of its own success : sold out !

If you are hoping to see the Comédie Française version of The Little Prince, best get booking! Only two performance dates are still not completely sold out: 15 December 2011 and 30 December 2011!
The role of the Little Prince is played by Benjamin Jungers, 25, whose blonde hair and delicate features make him perfect for the part, and whose skills as an actor bring out all the depth of the character.
Christian Gonon plays the roles of the aviator, the fox and the echo. The honours of the evening, however, must go to Christian Blanc, who plays the conceited individual, the drunkard, the businessman, the lamplighter, the geographer, the snake, the echo, the railway signalman and the pill merchant!

The play is the brainchild of theatre director Aurélien Recoing, who began his career in 1981 and has staged this adaptation as a whimsical setting, bringing all the imagery of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s tale to life.